Caring and cost effective Dentistry

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Dentistry is not a profession where short cuts pay. Excellence in technique,diagnosis and material will give you the best chance of trouble free teeth. It has however become a very expensive  option for many people. Patients have been steered into complex and costly options such as crowns when more cost effective  options may be more suitable.

With the improvement in white fillings it is rare for us to resort to a crown or inlay .


Dr Nicolas Smith Graduated from the Adelaide University in 1984. He has worked in both the public and private sector since then.

Dr Fabiola Gonzalez Smith Graduated from Tucuman University in Argentina and completed her Studies to obtain her A.D.E.C in Melbourne in 1993.


One of the great changes in Dentistry has been the evolution of white fillings. Many teeth that were only treatable by Crowns have now been able to be restored using white fillings.


As we only remove the decay and defective filling a white filling is a conservative and less expensive option.


They allow easy access if  future decay or root canal therapy is required.

No trip to the Dentist could be described as fun but you may be surprised at how pain free techniques have improved.


Our Gentle approach is designed to keep you in control of the procedure and make your trip as comfortable as possible.


Some of our more anxious patients have benefited from oral sedation. This can make a procedure manageable for many people and allow us to complete your treatment in relative comfort.